Caring for your Wax Finish floor

Always immediately wipe spills with a soft dry cloth, buffing may be necessary

White spots from water can be rubbed out with fine steel wood and a small amount of mineral spirits, re-was and buff as needed to match

Buffing areas of heavy traffic will return luster, if not re-waxing may need to occur for that are, with buffing the blend

Cleaners, and manufacturers conditioners can be used over waxed floors, always paying creful attention to manufacturers directions and procedures.


NEVER use a wax finish over surface finishes



NOTE: Wood floors that have been waxed over and over through the years, may be a serious concern if refinishing (to bare wood). Surface finished may not and more than most, will NOT adhere properly (a sure sign is prolonged drying time), and/or if it does adhere, failure is almost certain as wear will become excessive early on.



Buffing, recoating, screening and re-sanding a hardwood floor should be performed by an experienced hardwood floor professional.  Some Hardwood floors can not be successfully recoated, as those with different light exposure that have caused discoloration under area carpets, or those improperly cleaned with oil soaps, other cleaning solutions, all contaminating the floor which will cause guaranteed failure.

Worn areas (through the finish and/or stain) to bare wood can not be recoated to give desired results, refinishing must occur

Oil soaps, improper cleaning products, and other unknown contaminates can cause assured recoat failure

Screening (light sanding with proper grit screen/paper) will ensure proper adhesion of the new finish

Pre-finished or factory finished floors can be screened and recoated following manufacturers direction, using proper/compatible finish.