Residential Maintenance


An effective maintenance program is necessary to preserve the safety, appearance and durability of Amtico flooring.

The initial preparation of the floor immediately after installation will repay the effort required and form a sound basis for subsequent maintenance

The level of maintenance required will vary according to the volume and type of foot traffic, weather, and other conditions. Although general recommendations can be made, local conditions must be taken into consideration. Maintenance requirements for the areas where flooring is to be installed should be considered in advance. Install tile only in areas where proper maintenance will be practical and where personnel and equipment will be available to maintain the floor effectively. It is recommended that all smooth surface products be maintained to a semi-matte (low gloss) finish. This will complement the natural look of the tile and help to minimize sub floor imperfections and scuff marks.


Residential maintenance

Special Care & Protection for a new floor

To allow adhesive to set properly, a new floor should not be washed until at least 48 hours after installation has been completed. Keep traffic light for first day so the adhesive can set properly.  Wash water may affect the adhesive, Also, do not place furniture on the new floor for at least 24 hours. Do not move or place heavy items for at least 48 hours.

After this period of time, vacuum or sweep the floor and damp mop with clean, warm water and Amtico Floor Cleaner (following manufacturers instructions as listed on the container) to remove any dirt or residue left over from the installation. Remove any left over adhesive by gently rubbing with a well moistened nylon pad.


General Floor Care

Floors receive a great deal of wear from floor traffic and the action of abrasive grit and dirt ground into the floor finish and from spillage residue on the floor. Regular maintenance has to be carried out on all resilient floors to remove dirt, spills, and scuff marks. This helps to minimize the amount of wear and enhance the beauty of the floor.

The amount and type of maintenance will depend on the room in which the floor is installed and the traffic it receives. How the floor looks will give an indication of when maintenance is required.

DO NOT slide heavy furniture or appliances directly over the floor.

DO NOT allow cigarettes, matches and other very hot items to come into contact with the floor.

DO NOT allow products which can stain vinyl, including asphalt, rubber, some solvent-based paints and some shoe polishes to come into contact with the floor.

DO use high quality fiber mats at entrances to help prevent dirt and grit fro outside causing scratches.

WARNING: Avoid rubber or latex backed mats as some types can cause permanent floor discoloration.


Normal Maintenance

Amtico material supplied for residential use has a special finish on the surface to minimize scuffs and scratches in a normal residential location.

It is usually sufficient to vacuum or sweep with a soft brush to remove dirt and grit, and then to damp mop with a solution of Amtico floor cleaner.

Where a higher gloss is required or where the floor is heavily trafficked, Amtico floor Dressing should be used.

Step 1 Frequently sweep the floor with a soft, clean brush or vacuum to remove any loose grit and debris.

Step 2 Dilute the Floor Cleaner as recommended on the label.

Step 3 Mop over the entire floor area, keeping the mop damp, but not wet. Rinse the mop frequently on particularly dirty floors

Step 4 Use high quality fiber mats at entry ways. Avoid rubber and latex backed mats as some types can cause permanent floor discoloration.

Safety Warning:

Carefully follow all manufacturer instructions when using any floor maintenance products: Do not exceed recommended concentrations. Pay particular attention to safety warnings and keep out of reach of children

Any scuff marks not removed during normal maintenance may be removed by gently running with a scouring pad for mom-stick cooking pans.


Floor Protection Devices

Amtico floors can be protected from marks and indentations with proper floor protection devices on furniture and equipment.  The devices should be of sufficient sizes to carry the weight, have smooth, flat surfaces and rounded edges.

For use on chairs and frequently moved furniture, use easy swiveling wide wheel casters or flat guides. Be sure casters have large diameter wheels.  Do not use small or narrow casters or those with a crowned tread, as the can change the floor.

Chairs and cabinets not frequently moved require the use of smooth, flat leg bases with rounded edges. Do not use bases with small metal domes.  Protect the floor under heavy furniture with wide bearing furniture cups.

NOTE: Warranty of suitability of various floor protection devices is the responsibility of the furniture or appliance manufacturers.



Important Safety Information

All hardwood floors can be slippery when wet. Take extra care when cleaning floor and ensure the area is allowed to dry completely before use is resumed.  During inclement weather, it may be necessary to put down absorbent material at all entrances to prevent water being brought in from outside. Water must be removed from the surface of the floor as soon as possible and care taken that the floor is thoroughly dry before the area is used. Spillage, particularly of fats and grease can make floors slippery  Remove any solid material using absorbent paper and then mop thoroughly using Amtico Floor Cleaner, diluted as directed, then rinse and allow to dry. Ensure all contamination is removed before use is resumed. Do not allow products contain silicone products, such as furniture polishes, glass cleaners, and shoe care products to come into contact with the floor, even very small quantities can cause severe slipperiness.