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Suggested Cleaning Care for your new hardwood floor.

 What to buy: 

1. Heavy Duty felt pads*

2. Hardwood floor mop with a terry cloth cover (can be purchased at Home Depot)

3. A couple of bags of cotton head mop refills. These mop heads can be tossed in the laundry and reused

4. Mop made by OíCedar

5. Polycare, Zep, or Bruce (hardwood floor cleaner for polyurethane) 

6. Take a piece of wood to the store with you to determine the following:

Putty Stick that matches wood color

Stain Pen that matches wood color

(These will be used to repair minor scratches and nicks in your floor)


How to clean your floor: 

1.) Disregard the instructions on the cleaner bottle.  You should NEVER apply any type of liquid to your floor. 

2.) Some of the cleaners are sold as a concentrate.  Mix them very carefully. You can damage your floor if it is not mixed well.

3.) Spray an even coat of the mixture onto the cotton mop head.

4.) Start in the far corner and work outward in 4x4 sections. Always clean the wood with the grain or board direction.

5.) As you finish sections look at your mop head, if itís not too dirty spray another even coat of the cleaner on the mop head.  If it is dirty you can flip the mop head over and spray the other side to continue use until itís dirty. 

The use of the cleaner will be determined by the traffic on the floor. 

For minor dusting and everyday maintenance; a DRY Swiffer can be used.  DO NOT SPRAY ANY LIQUID OR WATER ON YOUR FLOOR.

*Apply the heavy duty felt pads to anything that will come into contact with your floor, chair and table legs, etc.    


Other tips: 

If you have furniture that has plastic or metal buttons on the legs- pull it off and apply the felt. 

Any heavy items that have rounded wheels require a cup with felt on the bottom to be attached. 

Do not leave standing water on your floor.  It can cause warping and damage the finish. Wipe up spills immediately.  

Do not leave dirt and grit on your floor.  It can act as sand paper and scratch your floor.  

Do not drag furniture across the floor, lift instead it will help prevent scratches.  

Direct sun can discolor your floor; close your blinds or curtains to prevent discoloration. 

Do not place live plants directly on your wood floor.  Place them on elevated stands. 

Due to aging and discoloration of the wood, area rugs should be removed occasionally to let the wood breathe.  You will notice a difference in color compared to the uncovered areas.  This is normal.